The NifteeSupply is a smart power supply designed with all of you makers, tinkerers, and DIY-ers in mind to easily get the power you need for your project. Simply plug an AC/DC adapter into the NifteeSupply and you’ll immediately have access to one adjustable voltage output, two USB ports, and one DVM input designed for data acquisition.

This handheld supply is the mobile version of a bench-top power supply, making it convenient and easy to tinker from any workspace. It’s small size and flexibility makes it perfect for student’s to toss in their backpack, tinkerers to move from the kitchen table to the garage, and DIY engineers to bring a project to a fellow comrades to collaborate.

 Smart Power Supply

Whether you’re powering an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or much more complex project, the NifteeSupply is Bluetooth/Wifi capable and can be controlled using the NifteeSupply app on your iOS device, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. The adjustable output ranges from 0.8v to 40v; there’s also the option to power your projects using either of the two USB outputs which are fixed at 5v.

With the app you can enable/disable the output, set the voltage, view the data plot along with dvm, save/recall previous data plots, and email/share saved plots. The app also makes it easy to administer updates as they become available, ensuring your NifteeSupply is always up-to-date and with the latest features.

Device Software update with Bluetooth app:


The NifteeSupply is packed with features, including real-time data acquisition, two USB fixed outputs, and an easy to use touchscreen LCD. The NifteeSupply can provide a low noise continuous 80W output that can meet your project power or data acquisition needs. 


  • One adjustable output from 0.8v to 40v
  • Over 95% power efficiency
  • One DVM input/Data Acquisition port -  which can be configured as a DVM or temperature sensor input
  • Over 7 days of stand-alone internal data logging capability. 
  • 2 USB ports - 5v output at 500ma each
  • Control via Wifi or Bluetooth using app (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/AppleTv -- Android coming soon)
  • Max continuous output current: 5A or 85W at 40V
  • Highly durable PC/ABS plastic enclosure
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Output current-limit capability
  • User defined alarms and notifications to your phone or watch
  • 2.4” Touchscreen LCD

NifteeSupply FAQ

Are the outputs isolated?

No, the output is not isolated -- the input and output grounds are all tied together.

What is the voltage and wattage of the AC-DC adapter that comes with the NifteeSupply?

The AC-DC adapter is a 19.0V, 4.74A adapter (90 watts).

Can the AC-DC adapter run off of 100-240 VAC?

Yes, it can. The AC-DC adapter can handle 50 or 60 Hz input.

What are the data recording capabilities? What is it recording, output current? Is there a voltmeter input that allows the recording of a node in a circuit? What is the sample rate and accuracy?

The NifteeSupply records output voltage, output current, output power, and an auxiliary voltage that can be used to measure a circuit node voltage.The sample rate is 120sps. The device LCD displays in increments of 10mV and 10mA while the app displays in increments down to 1mV and 1mA. 

The NifteeSupply also has the ability to store sampled data to its internal flash [sampled at 1sps] which the user can retrieve, clear, or share between devices or via email. Sampled data is recorded with a date and time stamp with every sample for ease of archiving and analysis.

What configurable options are there with the auxiliary input?

The auxiliary input can be set within the app to either serve as a digital volt meter or temperature sensor input.