Digital ALS and Proximity Module Board - TMD2772
Digital ALS and Proximity Module Board - TMD2772 Digital ALS and Proximity Module Board - TMD2772
$ 8.29

The TMD2772 family of devices provides digital ambient light sensing (ALS), a complete proximity detection system, and digital interface logic in a single surface mount module. The devices are register-set and pin-compatible with the TMD2771 family of devices and include new and improved ALS and proximity detection features. The ALS enhancements include a reduced-gain mode that extends the operating range in sunlight. Proximity detection includes improved signal-to-noise performance and more accurate factory calibration. A proximity offset register allows compensation for optical system crosstalk between the IR LED and the sensor. To prevent false proximity data measurement readings, a proximity saturation indicator bit signals that the internal analog circuitry has reached saturation

  • Ambient Light Sensing, Proximity Detection, and IR LED in a Single Module
  •  Register Set- and Pin-Compatible with the TMD2771 Series  
  • Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) 
  • Approximates Human Eye Response 
  • Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time 
  • 8,000,000:1 Dynamic Range 
  • Very High Sensitivity 
  • Ideally Suited for Operation Behind Dark Glass  
  • Proximity Detection 
  • Reduced Proximity Count Variation * 
  • Programmable Offset * 
  • Saturation Indicator * 
  • Current Sink Driver for IR LED 
  • 16,000:1 Dynamic Range
  • Maskable ALS and Proximity Interrupt 
  • Programmable Upper and Lower Thresholds with Persistence Filter 
  • Power Management 
  • Low Power 2.2 A Sleep State with UserSelectable Sleep-After-Interrupt Mode 
  • 90 A Wait State with Programmable Wait Time from 2.7 ms to > 8 seconds  
  • I 2C Fast Mode Compatible Interface 
  • Data Rates up to 400 kbit/s 
  • Input Voltage Levels Compatible with VDD or 1.8-V Bus  
  • 3.94 mm 2.36 mm 1.35 mm Package *



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