NifteeSupply Update

As we get closer to the NifteeSupply release - we at NifteeCircuits thought a status update would be appropriate to fill you in on what's new...the short answer -- we've been busy...

Production Update

The first 1,000 pieces of production NifteeSupply housings and retail packaging arrived...and with all the boxes it's quite tempting to build the most epic NifteeSupply fort known to nerd...

Not long after the boxes arrived - board assemblies joined the party...

Yup. It's getting real!

 Over the next few weeks we'll be building up inventory so that we can meet orders with a quick turn time to shipment...

Now for a quick story about the idea from whence the NifteeSupply originates...

What was originally an idea of a Smart Dc Power Supply that one could control with their phone, the NifteeSupply has grown to be the perfect example of how if left unchecked, feature-creep can become the largest contributor to product delays...

The initial concept was to enable the user to conveniently control a dc output with their phone/tablet via Bluetooth -- this was done for which the engineering powers[pun intended] said it was good. But then, for as good as it was in its incarnation the true value became apparent, yet was only half-realized as it stood in the early proof of concept. While controlling a dc output from a mobile device is convenient, controlling the supply from anywhere is empowering, and therein what the product need be -- so we took back to the lab to rethink how best to produce the perfect blend of power, convenience, and flexibility...the short explanation - dedicated WiFi was added to complement the Bluetooth interface

While the original implementation enabled mobile device control via Bluetooth, this would have required a smart device serve as the gateway -- a dedicated WiFi interface gives the best of both worlds. Bluetooth for when on the go, WiFi when in the lab - and so, the software workload grew...this brings us to the following round of progress...

The software.

The NifteeSupply gives us the power, Bluetooth and WiFi the convenience, it's the software that gives us the flexibility. At the time of launch we'll be supporting the following NifteeSupply control interfaces:


Apple Watch


Apple Tv[4th Gen]

with Android and OSX to follow later this year.

Imagine being able to check in on your project or lab test from anywhere, be it your phone, computer, or watch...yeah...we're excited at that kind of power!

To date, we've the following features ready at launch:

  • Controllable Dc Output from 1.0V to 40.0V in 10mV steps.
  • Output Current up to 5A.
  • Power output rated at 80W minimum.
  • Configurable auxiliary input for data logging.
  • Ability to record over 7 days worth of sampled data.
  • Bluetooth capable.
  • Wifi capable.
  • User-controllable USB outputs.
  • User defined output cycle timer.
  • The ability to share/email recorded data as a spreadsheet/CSV attachment.
  • Software/firmware update ensuring your NifteeSupply is always with the latest features and functionality.

Suffice to say it's been very busy around the lab though we thought we'd take a moment to post a project status update -- that's all for now! Stay tuned for additional updates and launch of the NifteeSupply!